Villa Di Abing – Ubud, Bali

Where to start … we absolutely LOVED Villa Di Abing! There is nothing better than the Six Best Friends living in an adult sized treehouse while enjoying the beautiful city of Ubud. The house was stunning, spacious, centrally located and best of all, very ‘Balinese.’ We arrived quite late at night and the house manager was there to meet us. She had set the scene with incenses, candles and mood lighting – it worked, we were completely overwhelmed and thrilled with our accommodations for the next week.

The house comes with some spectacular staff, we had private cooking and cleaning staff, the house manager and the security guard. They were all incredibly kind and welcoming. Every morning we were greeted with fresh breakfast – typically fruit pancakes, fresh fruit and delicious coffee. However, they also offered eggs, mi goreng and nasi goreng – pretty much anything you wanted to eat, they would make for you. They were also able to make the pancakes gluten free and vegan friendly, which we were all thrilled about! The house manager arranged several excursions for us, and was incredibly helpful with suggestions around Ubud. The security guard, Tony, was an all-in-one employee extraordinaire. He welcomed us back at the end of each night, cleaned the pool, answered all our questions and was generally a pleasure to be around.

Each room had a full bathroom, complete with outdoor showers. The beds were comfortable and the bean bag area provided a great location for us to relax and reflect on our day’s activities. The house was beautifully decorated and was a perfect mixture of modern and Balinese styling. There was a pool on the lower level, however it didn’t get a lot of sun so we didn’t spend a lot of time lounging by it.

If you’re in Ubud with friends (or your family), Villa di Abing is spectacular and I would HIGHLY recommend you take a look!

For photos from our time in Ubud, take a look at our Flickr page.


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