We like to refer to Phoenix, Arizona as our version of an all inclusive vacation… With free accommodations, cheap booze, even cheaper food, baking hot sun and of course Senoir Taco – what more could you ask for?


It all started with an epic vacation in September 2013.  It was our first taste of paradise and we were hooked!  We enjoyed the baking hot sun, only made bearable by the pool and hours upon hours of Wabuba fun.  It was literally like walking on the surface of the sun.   We went shopping and bought a year’s worth of clothing and we had our first experience at the gun range.  It was such an awesome break from reality that we were itching to go back.


Most recently, we spent a week in March 2015 enjoying the sun in AZ.  With record high temperatures, Phoenix exceeded our expectations once again.  We went for some amazing dinners, did some shopping, went skeet shooting and hiked Camelback mountain.  It was such a good trip that we figured we better go again at the end of the summer.


Stay tuned for blog posts from our future Arizona adventures and let us know if you have any recommended activities for our next trip!


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