Elephant Safari Park – Taro, Ubud

As you may or may not know, Michelle LOVES elephants.  So when we found the Elephant Safari Park we were pretty sure we’d be visiting while we were in Ubud. We were a little concerned about the elephant well-being and so we did a bunch of research and spoke with our house manager. Everything checked out so we made the trip one evening.

The tour was great. The elephants are all rescued animals, most from Sumatra, where they were used as hard labour animals (heartbreaking right?). We started the tour with a walk around the park where our guide explained about the park and elephants. We were able to feed a baby elephant and it’s mum before visiting the elephants that were enjoying a swim/bath in the large lagoon. The elephants were all really friendly and we loved spending time with them. We were then treated to a little elephant show, where the animals showed off their many talents. We all really enjoyed the elephant ride around the park at sunset. The motion of the elephant walking was very calming. We finished the evening with a delicious buffet dinner overlooking the elephants. It was a great night out. While it is a little pricey for an activity in Ubud, it was a wonderful experience and we were all really glad we decided to visit.

For some photos of our Bali experience, please click here.



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