D & Sons Apartments – Kotor, Montenegro 

While in Kotor, we stayed at the D & Sons Apartments. It was a nice ‘apartment-style’ room with a mini fridge and small kitchenette. The hotel is located in the old town which means no cars! Somehow we missed this detail and ended up frantically packing a couple backpacks with our gear for the few days we were in the city and leaving the rest in the car. I recommend packing a small overnight bag for your time in Kotor, you certainly don’t want to be the person dragging their huge suitcases up the cobblestone hills!

There are a few parking lots just outside the main gate where you can leave your car. The owner of the apartment will show you a few recommended parking spots so you don’t spend a fortune on parking. Also, it is important to note that the rooms are all located above street level – to get to the rooms, plan on 2-3 flights of stairs. The hotel is also directly across from a piano and wine bar. The atmosphere, music and food there is awesome, however the music can get a little loud in the evenings. If you are a light sleeper, bring some earplugs or be prepared to be lulled to sleep by a piano and saxophone. This hotel is centrally located, spacious, very clean and reasonably priced – a great option for your stay in Kotor.


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