Costa Rica 2013

In February 2013, we flew down to Costa Rica to relax by the beach and enjoy the laid back lifestyle in Tamarindo.

When we first arrived in Liberia we were met by our chauffeur who took us to our house in Tamarindo. The house, Tamarino Sun, was beautiful!  It had three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms plus a private backyard with a pool. We spend the first few days enjoying the water, napping in the sun and tanning (burning) on the lounge chairs by the water.  It was the definition of relaxation.

The town of Tamarindo was a short walk from the house and had several amazing restaurants, a spectacular and expansive beach and shops with all kinds of art work, trinkets and hammocks.  We really enjoyed our daily trips into town to stock up on groceries (mostly just water, chips, avocados, bananas and booze…), enjoy great food and experience the culture.

We went on several excursions while in Costa Rica, the first was a turtle tour.  We all were imagining seeing mother turtles laying eggs all over the place and hundreds of baby turtles running towards the water.  We were not expecting hours upon hours of walking and waiting in the sand in the middle of the night while our ‘eccentric’ tour guide ran up and down the beach pointing out turtles who usually just turned around to go back into the ocean rather than laying their eggs in the sand.  We did get to see a turtle dig a nest and inadvertently dig up a baby turtle.  We had the pleasure of leading this baby turtle, who was the cutest thing ever, to the ocean using our flashlights and footsteps to guide him.

We we also did an overnight trip to Arenal volcano.  We went zip lining the first day, which was AMAZING! There is nothing quite like flying through the air at 90km/hr looking down over the jungle canopy below.  We then experienced our first (and last) cheap hostel.  We had decided in Calgary that we wanted to experience a true Central American hostel and booked one of the cheapest in the town…it was nice that we could all stay together but there were a few unwanted guests who made their way into the house/hut through the rather large cracks in the walls.

After our eventful night in the hostel, we went canyoning through the jungle which involved rappelling down waterfalls, walking through the dense shrubbery and riding up a rocky roadway in a makeshift 4×4.  It was a pretty awesome and we had a great time.  We’re were a little freaked out though, when the tour guide kept making us stop to check that there were no deadly snakes in our path.

We finished off our trip to Arenal by hiking the Arenal Hanging Bridges.  The views of the volcano were spectacular and we took about a million photos of it!  The bridges were, for the most part, pretty sturdy and offered some stomach turning views of the forest below.

Back in Tamarindo, we spent the rest of the trip basking in the sun, learning to surf/boogie board (Spencer definitely was the best surfer…) and exploring the city.  We also went on a Mangroves tour and were treated to a spectacular array of wildlife, vegetation and even a delicious pineapple snack!  To finish off the trip we went for a ‘booze cruise’ with Blue Dolphin Sailing.  We enjoyed some water activities followed by a beautiful sunset sail while being served drinks and snacks by the crew.  It was a great way to finish an amazing vacation!


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